Aserta Golf Releases A Monster!

Call all your friends! Go wake the neighbors! The Great Club Comparison – Game Improvement Irons – Fall 2004 is done! I’m sorry it didn’t get done earlier but the past few months have been crazy. We have started the Hybrid Clubs – Spring 2005 one and the first round should be done next week… and I promise that the updates will be faster!

We have also started our first “SirShanksAlot Feature Company of 2005″ profile too. Watch for it early next week with 3 more companies to come over the summer.

As reported by SIRSHANKSALOT.COM on January 5/05, Thomas Bjorn has signed with Callaway Golf. Watch for Bjorn to play the Big Bertha 454 driver, Hogan irons, Callaway fairway woods, a White Hot putter, Callaway wedges and the Callaway HX Tour ball. This is a great signing for Callaway Golf!

We had someone email us last week in regards to Aserta putters. The company is set to release “The Monster by Rich Parente” putter. This thing is a monster! It is constructed of aircraft aluminum and stainless steel. Aserta designs their putters with the majority of the weight positioned above the center of the ball. This gets the ball rolling without it skipping thus producing a better putt. Check out for more details.. the “Monster” isn’t up yet but you can see some of their other models!

Nickent Golf will be unveiling 3 new products and a “celebrity staff player” in Orlando this week. I seriously have no idea who it is! I know it’s not me and I am pretty sure it isn’t SirPuttsAlot either. Who else could there be??

The Sonartec Md Hybrid was the No. 1 hybrid club at the Buick Invitational last weekend.

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