Titleist 735 Iron Expected In Spring

Twas the night before the PGA show and all around the net, there was no news about… that our readers didn’t know yet. I’m serious.. there were some “new products” around today .. the Cleveland CG2, the Cleveland Halo.. stuff we reported on a while back.

Have no fear.. there is some stuff for all of you to read today! Check out SirPuttsAlot’s newest PGA Player Profile.. some Tiger Woods guy (I think he is a Nationwide Tour Player… just kidding) and the review of the Ben Hogan FTX.

Nickent Golf has introduced their Pipe putter. Imagine the Nike OZ with a big tube as the alignment aid. There have been some really strange looking putters coming out lately and this one fits right in with the new bunch. Expect to see the Pipe putter in stores in March.

Just a rumor but expect to see the Titleist 735 iron on store shelves in about April or May. My source says the 735 is a combo set that kind of resembles an old Mizuno T-Zoid iron. I will let you know when I get some more information about the Titleist 735!

That’s it for today. I am thinking there should be a few surprises at the show tomorrow and I will update you when I get some information.

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