Nickent’s Celebrity Endorser – Jeremy Roenick

I feel kind of bad… if you have watched any of the Golf Channel coverage of the PGA Show you have probably seen Adam Barr reporting on things that we talked about weeks ago. Sorry for ruining the surprise! It is actually pretty good coverage but the people that I have talked to there are saying that the show has been pretty “blah” so far. A few notes though….

I had someone at work today ask me why the Titleist 905 driver isn’t at the show. Well that would be because Acushnet (Titleist, Cobra, Footjoy) isn’t at the show. I guess the 905 is in Orlando though… all of the sales reps are there for meetings so I should have some more info soon.

I mentioned the other day that Nickent Golf has a “celebrity endorser” at the show. I was actually kind of disappointed when I heard that it was hockey player Jeremy Roenick. I love hockey but NHL players aren’t real “fan favorites” here in North America right now…. maybe J.R. needs the money… he’s not doing anything else at the moment.

SirPuttsAlot sent me an email this morning with some information about new stuff at the show. He mentioned the Orlimar VT830 fairway wood. I briefly mentioned it last week and it looks pretty nice. It has a weight cartridge at the back that the golfer can change to alter the club’s center of gravity (gee… haven’t seen that before). He also mentioned the Bettinardi Hawk putter.. another big MOI mallet. It has a cool lime green grip though!

Speaking of SirPuttsAlot, check out his new Rant. It is a nice little review of the week that was on the PGA Tour.

Well that is it for now… looks like most of the new stuff is old news for all of our readers. I am thinking that there is still a surprise to come from one of the big manufacturers or even one of the companies that isn’t there. If we hear something we will pass it on!

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