Callaway Golf Adds I-Trax Putter

The Callaway X-Tour saga continues. No they won’t be released… yes they will but only to pros, no they won’t, maybe next year… blah blah blah… well it’s settled. now has the X-Tour and the new I-Trax putter and they will both be released in the spring. I had reported in the past that the X-Tour’s were going to come to stores (reported on January 18th) and I have already had a few people ask about them. The putter was a bit of a surprise. I had read that Padraig Harrington was using a similar putter but I had no idea that it was a Callaway one. I will do some asking around and will let you know what I can find out about it.

So with Callaway Golf now offering the X-Tour and an X-18 Pro Series as “players irons” .. where does that leave Hogan? Why would one company (Callaway/Top Flite/Hogan) have so many different clubs designed for the better player? These types of irons aren’t their money makers either. I am starting to think that Callaway might dump Hogan after all.

SirPuttsAlot sent me some info on some new Sonartec clubs today. Sonartec Golf had a great showing at the Buick last weekend (#3 on the fairway wood count and they also had 17 hybrids in play). The company also has some new clubs coming. The SS-2.5 fairway woods have been designed to produce a mid-high ball flight and the SS-3.5 are geared towards the player that wants to hit a lower ball. Both clubs feature a much hotter face than their predecessors. Also watch for the SS-07 Club Fit Series… pretty secret right now but it should be announced at a news conference soon!

Footjoy is coming out with some new commercials featuring Signboy and numerous PGA Professionals. One of those guys happens to be Mike Weir…. a guy that I have reported is going to Titleist in the near future. Mike does use Footjoy shoes and plays a Titleist ball so it isn’t unusual that he is in these. TaylorMade recently made Mike a new set of irons so a move might not be in the works anytime soon. Mind you.. who better to replace Lefty Phil than Lefty Mike? has pictures and info on the new V-Foil M675 irons. A forgiving blade? I’ll need to hit this one!

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