Nike Buying Callaway Golf Rumors Won’t Go Away

The Nike buying Callaway Golf rumors are still around. I talked to my Callaway source the other day and he says the company vows not to let anyone buy them. Callaway is ripe for the picking right now…. their numbers are down and so is the price of their stock.

I saw the Titleist 905T the other day. It actually looks a lot like the current 983K. There is a weight screw type of thing in the middle of the sole and it is a bit shinier than the 983K. It sets up nice and it looks like Titleist has got something good with this one! I would expect it to show up on the Titleist Golf website soon and when it does I will let you know!

The USGA has been testing different ways to deaden the golf ball. SirPuttsAlot tells me that there are no plans to take any of these plans further at this time but I would not be surprised if something like that is done one day. It is a lot easier and cheaper to limit a golf ball than it is to lengthen all the golf courses in the world.

I mentioned a few hot golf gifts the other day. Well you can add the Golf Ball Finder glasses and the Check-Go sweetspot finder to that list. These things are starting to fly off the shelves! Check out and for more details!

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