Maxfli Back In Clubs?

I’m back! Well sorta. My move is complete but I won’t have internet for a few more days so it might still be a bit slow for a while longer. Just a few quick things today….

I talked to my Bridgestone source today and he says a deal is basically done with Fred Couples. Looks like it will be a ball, irons, woods, hat and bag deal. This is a great signing for Bridgestone and will bring them a lot of attention.

Maxfli clubs will return next year. My TaylorMade/Maxfli source brought by a catalog with the Blue Max woods and irons in it. Stupid catalog doesn’t have any pictures so I will have to track some down. The prices were there though and it looks like Maxfli will be TaylorMade’s value brand.

SirPuttsAlot will be returning soon and he should have some stuff for us to read. I should be back up and running soon and until then I will try my best to make little updates like this everyday. Thanks for all your patience!

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