More Nike Buying Callaway Rumors

The “Nike buying Callaway Golf” rumors are heating up again. SirPuttsAlot was able to play a round with a Nike Golf staffer on his trip and this player seemed to think the purchase was inevitable. I really hope this doesn’t happen but I just have a gut feeling it will.

Adams Golf has added some new clubs to it’s line-up. Watch for the Redline RPM Stainless Steel fairway wood and the Ovation 460CC titanium driver at a store near you. Both of these are extensions of current Adams clubs and should sell well next year.

SirPuttsAlot and I had a meeting (a.k.a. a few beers) tonight and we decided to put a real push on the club reviews in the next month. Watch for reviews of the Titleist 503h and the Mizuno Cut Muscle soon with more to follow.

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