Slow Season

There is nothing going on in the golf business right now. Have no fear though… there is still something for you to read! Check out the review of the Cleveland Launcher Titanium Fairway and SirPuttsAlot’s new Rant about his visit to the Ping testing facility.

I guess I can give you an update on how the site is doing. SIRSHANKSALOT.COM is quickly becoming a very popular place for golfers that want the inside scoop on what is going on and who want non-biased golf club reviews. The number of visitors we are seeing now is amazing and are way higher than what we ever could have imagined. These results are because of you. I know I have said it in the past and will say it in the future but thank-you for all your support. Thanks for the emails telling us we are doing a good job too. The site is becoming a full time job for SirPuttsAlot and myself but we love doing it because people like you read it.

Well stay tuned for more news and rumors. If we hear anything we will let you know! Also be on the look out for more club reviews coming in the next few days.

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