Long Club Drill – Cure Your Slice

Hey everyone. SirPutts and I are in mourning after the Chargers loss today so I think we’ll let The Golf Drill Guru entertain you tonight. We’ll be back tomorrow with some lead up to next week’s Orlando PGA Show!

Standing too close to the ball is a very common symptom for someone who routinely slices. Unfortunately, just standing further away from the ball will not solve all of your problems. After swinging constantly in a poor position your swing path tends to ingrain itself into your muscle memory. Standing too close to the ball will force you to swing very upright. So naturally, just standing further away from the ball will not get rid of this problem completely. Ideally, your arms should hang comfortably down from your shoulders at address and not stretched out to reach the ball.

Swinging an extremely long club will encourage your swing to be on a flatter plane (more horizontal). Obviously, you won’t all have an elongated club like this, but swinging a hockey stick will work just as well. You will learn very quickly that a steep, upright swing path will not be conducive to contact. The only way to ensure consistent contact is to swing flatter. To do this properly you will need to swing the club behind your back rather than behind your head.

So to re-cap, make sure you’re far enough away from the ball, and then work to flatten your swing path to ensure you don’t suffer from a slice.

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