Hogan Releases Cast Golf Club

The world as we know it is coming to an end….. Hogan is releasing a cast golf club. Watch for the BH-5 iron at a store near you next month. Hogan says the BH-5 is their most forgiving iron ever…. funny they come out with a forgiving cast club after Callaway buys them out…. go figure! The new iron looks like a traditional cavity back and features an undercut sole (a la Callaway) and a variable face thickness system (a la Callaway).

My Cleveland source is reporting that the company should release Launcher COMP fairway woods to match their current Launcher COMP driver. He seems to think they should be available in about April or May.

The new Player Profiles section is coming along nicely… watch for it early in 2005. SirPuttsAlot is working on PGA Tour player profiles right now. They include things like a brief history, equipment notes and vital statistics.

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