Saturday Night Golf Rumors!

Hey everyone and thanks for stopping by. We don't normally post on Saturday night but we've been hearing some good rumors lately so we thought we'd pass them along. Are they true? Are they false? Who knows… that's why they're called rumors!

Quiksilver is looking to sell off Cleveland Golf – This has been a pretty hot rumor as of late. Quiksilver has a majority share of Cleveland Golf and may be looking to unload their investment. There have been a lot of hints of a possible sale… both in the golf and financial worlds.  Personally… I don't think Cleveland has been the same since it was bought by Quiksilver. The company used to have a strong Tour presence and there seemed to be a legitimate buzz around their products. Things have slowed down for them (although some of their current products are very good) and I just don't feel that same customer excitement anymore. I hope everything works out and any future owners (assuming it is sold) can bring the company back to life. Watch for this rumor to get stronger with the company eventually being sold. It won't be the end of Cleveland Golf but new owners could take the company in a different direction. 

TaylorMade will introduce a Burner golf ball – Thanks to one of our readers for emailing this one in. A new addition to the TaylorMade golf ball family is a strong possibility. The company has 2 good "Tour" balls but is missing out in the very popular "value" category. Golf balls like the Nike Ignite, Callaway HX Hot and Titleist NXT are great balls for the masses and offer players performance and value. I think the company would really benefit from an addition here. The "Burner" name seems to be the big TaylorMade buzz word so that makes some sense too. TaylorMade may even look at re-branding a Maxfli golf ball here. 

Mizuno will introduce a new driver in the fall – We actually touched on this one way back in January (Jan 6th to be exact) and it just won't go away. Our source has indicated that this club will feature movable weight and should be out in late August or September. We're about due for a new Mizuno driver so this rumor may have some legs. We'll keep digging here! 

There will be new Titleist irons in the fall – It doesn't sound like we'll see any new Titleist irons this year. Watch for a new fairway wood and maybe a new putter or two but all should remain quiet on the iron front for now.

That's all for now. Thanks to everyone that wrote in with rumors and questions. We'll be back tomorrow… talk to you then!! 

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