Freeze The Wrists When Chipping

Chipping from just off the green is a lot simpler than most amateurs make it look. For them, judging distance is more like playing the lottery.chipping freeze wrists drill tipsChipping is not a complex motion, it consists of your arms and shoulders rocking back and forth. That’s it. There are no wrists involved. Your address, backswing, i mpact, follow-through positions are identical. Think of it this way, if you were to freeze your wrists in your address position, you can still perform a perfect chipping motion. For different distances, the only change is the length of your stroke. By taking the guesswork out of your chipping, you’ll see your scores drop.

The next time you’re out practicing your chipping, use this mental image. It will help you simplify your chipping stroke, and help you gain consistency and accuracy. Experiment with different clubs as well and learn which club is most effective in varying situations. Don’t miss this one!




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