5 Golf Companies To Watch

Hi everyone. I hope you're enjoying The Open Championship! We spend a lot of time talking about the big guys… TaylorMade, Nike, Callaway, Cobra, Titleist, Ping and Cleveland but there are lots of other good companies that sometimes get ignored by the golfing public. We thought we'd use today to talk a bit about some of the lesser known golf companies that are quietly making a name for themselves! 

Nakashima Golf – This is probably the most recognizable of our "lesser knowns"… if that makes any sense at all. The company has built their reputation on quality and their products get a lot of positive reader feedback on our end. The Nakashima line has really evolved over the past year and the company now offers a variety of clubs for a variety of players. The HTEC Driver takes fitting to another level and let's golfers experiment with various shafts and then take the actual test club home with them. 

SeeMore Golf – SeeMore got a huge boost this year when staffer Zach Johnson won some little golf tournament down in Augusta. The company was reborn last year when new owners stepped up and brought it back from the depths of golf obscurity. These putters are feature one of the most basic yet effective technologies around.   

Feel Golf – These are probably the best wedges that no one knows about. Internet-savvy golfers  may have come across these at some point but they're still unknown to most. Feel wedges are about as traditional as you can get and have become a favorite with Tour players and amateurs alike. Feel has expanded their line and are quickly becoming a multidimensional golf company. Looking for a unique club to help your shot game? Try their 73 degree (no that's not a type-o) wedge.

Alias Golf – We've talked a bit about Alias in the past. The California-based company has brought their skateboard shoe designs to the golf business and their products are really catching on. Style can only carry a golf shoe so far… everyone wants to look good but most aren't willing to sacrifice comfort. Alias has both of these bases covered.

Quagmire Golf – This is a company that has made some real strides in the last year. Quagmire was started by two young Canadian guys that wanted to create golf clothing that looked cool but was traditional enough to stay within the dress code. Their line is young, simple and full of color. This stuff will make anyone cool… except SirPuttsAlot.

There you go… a look at some of our favorite "lesser known" golf companies. I'm going back to watch the golf. Thanks for dropping by and we'll talk to you again real soon!

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