Cleveland CG2 Irons On Tour

I got a few emails today and thought that I would put the answers to them in today’s News and Rumors. The first was concerning the Cleveland CG2 irons. Well this is what I know…. the CG2’s are out on tour right now (I know David Toms was using them) and we should see them in the spring.The irons kind of look like the Hogan Apex Edge Pro with the Cleveland Golf logo where it says Ben Hogan. They look really nice and from what I hear should be replacing the TA2. There is also a CG7 iron out there and I will work on seeing what I can get on it.

I also had a question about Phil Mickelson’s driver shaft. If you have seen Phil lately, you may have noticed the bright shaft he is using. My sources say it is still his old Graphite Design shaft but in a new color.

If you watched the Skins Game on the weekend you might have noticed the new Bridgestone golf ball. My powers of deduction lead me to believe that is was being played by Fred Couples. Bridgestone = Precept by the way.

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  1. I’d like your thoughts comparing the cg2 irons against the hogan edge pro irons. I want to kick my game up. Which one has an advantage? Thanks.

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