Phil Mickelson’s Prototype Odyssey

Just a few odds and ends today. Someone asked me about Phil Mickelson’s new prototype putter. My source tells me that it is an Odyssey prototype that is designed after the Wilson 8802. As far as I know the putter does not have any sort of insert and it is being called a “PM Prototype”. The addition of a putter gives Phil a full Callaway bag.

SirPuttsAlot sent me a link that I thought I would pass along to you. Check out . Solus Golf has made an interesting wedge with some new technology. Check out the site…. it is well worth the read and some of their stuff makes sense.

I saw some more fake Callaway stuff at work the other day. A customer brought in a fake Big Bertha driver and a set of fake Big Bertha ‘04 irons. I have seen a lot of this kind of stuff around this year and I remind people that if a set of clubs is cheap and seems too good to be true…. it probably is. Any good pro or salesperson should be able to help you in figuring out what is good and what isn’t.

Well thats it for today. I thought I would also mention that the number of people coming to our site is really on the rise. SirPuttsAlot and myself want to thank all of you visiting and reading what we write. We appreciate any mail we get and make an effort to reply quickly. Again… thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

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