New Tommy Armour Line Fails To Impress

Ok first off…. I’m sorry if there have been any problems with the site over the past few days. I’ve been having major computer problems and things aren’t working really well. Oh well… time for a new computer I guess!

Ok… what do we have today…. I mentioned the new Callaway golf ball that will be coming out soon. I don’t know a lot about it yet but I can tell you that the HX Hot will be available in the spring and should come in three different models; the Soft Feel, the Distance, and the High Velocity. I have heard it will be a replacement for the current HX Red and HX Blue.

I saw the Tommy Armour line for next year and it isn’t that good. The Tommy Armour Torch driver and fairway woods will feature a tungsten plug in the heel ( kind of like the old Callaway Hawkeye). Tommy Armour will also be releasing the Morph irons. The Morphs feature a progressive cavity…. just like the old Evos from a few years ago. The EFT putter line will also be available from Tommy Armour. These putters are interesting because they have a built-in fitting system. It is kind of hard to explain but there is a ring about three quarters of the way down the shaft. You flip the putter upside down and the extend your arm out to the putter. If your hand grabs the ring, the the putter is a good fit. Gee… that will be a fun one to explain to customers next year! To be honest with you, Tommy Armour is really suffering right now. I am a huge Armour fan but their products in recent years have gone downhill. I hope Huffy Sports (Armour’s parent company) can get out of this financial trouble they are in and turn it around!

SirPuttsAlot sent me an email saying that the USGA is in the process of trying to figure out a way to regulate or deaden the golf ball. Word is that this is more of an experiment for the moment but it could be useful down the road.

Cobra’s new IM-01 putter has started to make the rounds. It is a large aluminum mallet with a big tungsten weight in the back.

That’s it for today. Like I mentioned earlier, sorry if there are any problems with the site or the way it looks. If you see Santa around tell him that SirShanksAlot wants a new computer for Christmas. See ya later!

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