Srixon Golf Adds Tour Van

Not much going on but I have a few odds and ends today…

Heather Daly-Donofrio won the LPGA’s Tournament of Champions over the weekend wearing Ecco shoes. I thought I would throw this in because you don’t hear of too many players wearing these shoes. If you have ever tried them on you know they are incredibly comfortable and incredibly expensive!

Srixon Golf has announced that they will operate a technical van on the PGA Tour for the first time next year. If you have ever been to a live event you have probably seen the company tech vans lining the driving range. This is a place for players to go in for repairs, new equipment and any adjustments they want to make to their clubs. I think it is a good move for Srixon Golf and it will be a great benefit for all their staff players.

Nakashima Golf has announced they are releasing the NP-1 442 RCT HL titanium driver to their line up. This is an interesting club for two reasons… it is designed to hit the ball high and is 15 degrees in loft….. something that is unheard of in the golf business (how many other 15 degree, 422CC clubs can you think of?). The second interesting aside is the club’s name… it is named after a Japanese-American combat battalion that fought in World War II. I read the story about this battalion and it is pretty incredible. Watch for more information on the club and the story behind it’s name on in the next few weeks.

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