More Info On Callaway X-Tour Irons

I can confirm that Greg Norman did have some MacGregor clubs in play at the Templeton Shootout on the weekend. It is strange why he wouldn’t be using the bag yet but who knows.I don’t really have much else today but I thought I would give a quick update on some things people have been coming on the site to find….. yes that’s right… I am watching your every move!! Anyways lots of you want info on the Callaway X-Tour and Callaway X-18. Here is what I have reported in the past… The X-Tour is kind of the hot Callaway club on tour right now. My source says there are a few different models (different grinds, etc.) out there but it is not a for sure that we will ever see these in stores. He says there is a better chance of seeing the Phil Mickelson/Roger Cleveland irons out next year instead. The X-18 is the replacement for the X-16 and will be available in 2005. I have seen the X-18 in person and it is a great looking iron. I will see about getting some pictures for you.

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