Greg Norman Signs With MacGregor Golf

MacGregor Golf has announced that they have signed Greg Norman to a multi-year deal. Norman will play at least 12 MacGregor clubs and carry a MacGregor bag. It will be interesting to see what this does for MacGregor Golf. Norman is a popular player but his tour schedule is fairly limited. It should be noted that Norman turns 50 in February and will then be eligible for the Champions Tour.

Bag Boy has released it’s newest entry into the 3-wheeled cart frenzy with the EZ Fold 12. The cart has been designed in such a way as there is no need to bend over to fold up the cart. I saw this thing a while ago and it is really strange looking. Check out the “Push Carts” section of for more details.

Cleveland Golf is wrapping up it’s most successful year to date in terms of number of PGA Tour victories. Cleveland staff players had 17 wins this year (next closest company was 10). Granted they did have a great year… just remember that 9 of those wins came from the same guy!

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