A Day To Remember

Well before I do anything else I should take a moment and thank the millions of men and women that have fought or are fighting for our freedom. I have watched a few WWII shows over the past few days and it is amazing what those people did. We shouldn’t need to go to war but it is nice to know that there are people out there that will if need be.

And now to the golf….. The rumor that Nike Golf is interested in buying Callaway Golf just will not go away. I heard this a long time ago but didn’t feel the source was valid enough. Since then I have heard it from numerous people and I started to think about it. If you stop and think about it Callaway Golf is just a small drop in the overall “corporate bucket”. Nike is a corporate giant with unlimited resources. Could this be Nike’s way of getting back at Adidas for buying TaylorMade a few years back? Just a thought.

I saw the Cleveland Launcher Driving Iron yesterday. The LDI looks a lot like an oversized blade. It has been out on tour for a while (David Toms and Woody Austin have used it) and it will be available soon at a store near you.

In case you were wondering….. according to my Hogan source, the X-Tour iron that some of the Callaway tour guys are using is forged by Hogan then finished by Callaway.

That’s it for today. Watch for SirPuttsAlot’s new article tomorrow ( I just read it and it is really good). I am also hoping to have round 2 of the Great Club Comparison up tomorrow too but it could be delayed a few days… I’m a busy guy, what can I say!

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