Vijay To Play A Cleveland Driver

Tiger Woods used the Nike Ignite 460CC driver and Nike One Gold ball at the Tour Championship on the weekend. The combination must have worked because he was #1 in driving distance for the week (300 yards). Tiger’s good performance also put him past Ernie Els into the #2 spot in the World Rankings.

Speaking of Nike Golf….. they had 3 staff players in the Top 10 at the Tour Championship on the weekend… who were they? Answer at the bottom of today’s news and rumors.

SirPuttsAlot reminded me of another small but strong golf company. YES! Golf is a small Canadian putter company that played a huge part in the Tour Championship….. winner Retief Goosen used a YES! putter ( I believe it was the YES! Tracy but I could be wrong). Check out for more details.

My Cleveland source told me that Cleveland Golf finally has Vijay Singh under contract to play their driver. This was the last piece of the puzzle for Cleveland and rumor has it they have developed a version of the Launcher COMP for him. My source claims that he was using it on the weekend but all the pictures I saw showed him swinging the TaylorMade R7 Quad as usual. Either every picture in the world is wrong or I’d better find a new Cleveland source!

Answer to the Nike question…. Tiger Woods finished 2nd, Steven Ames tied for 4th, and Rory Sabbatini tied for 10th. A side note to the Nike success…. since Grace Park started using the Nike NDS irons on the LPGA tour, she has gone 2nd, 2nd, 1st and 2nd in the events since.

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