Phil Using An Odyssey Putter

The Long Drivers of America have announced that all clubs used in long driver contests (including the ReMax Long Drive Championship) must now be 50 inches or less. I see long drive guys at work from time to time and some of their clubs are really interesting. Most that I know use clubs under 50 inches but I think it is a good idea to kind of level out the playing field like this.

Henry-Griffitts Inc. is accusing The Acushnet Company (Titleist/Cobra), The Roger Cleveland Golf Company, and TaylorMade Golf Company of patent infringement. Henry-Griffitts says the other companies use their patented lie board in selling clubs.

My Callaway source has confirmed that Phil Mickelson is now using an Odyssey prototype putter. The putter looks a lot like the old Wilson 8802 and does not have an insert. I had heard that it was a Callaway Tour Blue prototype but my source says it is more like a White Hot without the insert. This gives Phil an all Callaway bag now….. tell me that a year ago and I would have laughed.

Ok….. not golf related but it’s my site so I can write whatever I want…. what is up with my San Diego Super Chargers? Since when did they get so good? Oh well, who cares… GO CHARGERS! If you haven’t heard the sweet disco song they play after their touchdowns go to and check it out!

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