Let’s Look At Japanese Sites!

My Titleist source has told me that the company should release a few new irons by July. He says there should be a new CB, a replacement for the 704CB and a replacement for the 804 O/S. No word on the 400CC driver or 695MB irons but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if both made it to market next year.

I have been hitting the Callaway Fusion irons a lot lately and they are really starting to grow on me. They just feel so good… even when you miss hit.

I didn’t really have anything else today so I thought I would go through company websites from other parts of the world. I found some neat things and thought I would pass them on to you…

The Ben Hogan website in Europe has information on the Big Ben C-S3 driver. It has four weight ports a la the R7 Quad but I am not sure if they are removable. This driver has been talked about for a while and I think it has been scrapped twice here in North America. It is not a bad looking club and I will be curious to see how it sells. has pictures and info on the R5 Dual Fairway Woods. You knew these were coming eventually!

The TaylorMade Japan site has info on the XR-05Cti driver. It is a titanium/composite club like the ERC Fusion. They actually have a whole XR-5 line including golf balls, irons and fairway woods. The site also has the R7 Quad TP which we in North America should see next year.

The Callaway Golf site from Japan features the ERC golf ball. I have heard a few people mention that this will be released in North America next year but may have a different name.

A big thanks to all of you that have checked out SirPuttsAlot’s first rant and the first round of the Great Club Comparison. Both have been fairly popular and we hope you like them!

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