Nike Golf Snags Choi

This one is actually a few weeks old but I thought I would mention it anyways. Huffy Corp. (the owners of Tommy Armour Golf, Ram Golf and Teardrop Golf) has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. I talked to my Tommy Armour source and he said that Huffy plans on really focusing on golf and bicycles after their restructuring.

Ok I have a list of odds and ends I should probably put in here. Some of this may be old news, some of it may be new news and I am sure you can find some of this on the various manufacturer websites…

MacGregor Golf will have the V-Foil Go Long driving iron in their line next year. From what I hear it is just a larger, more forgiving 2 iron.

Tour Edge Golf will be introducing their Exotics fairway woods soon. The woods feature a titanium face and a hypersteel body. This two piece construction takes weight off the face (because titanium is so light) and puts it on the sole.

Ben Hogan Golf should have the BH-5 iron next year. The iron uses VFT (variable face thickness) technology to control the center of gravity in each individual iron. That’s funny…. isn’t VFT a Callaway thing?

Hogan will also debut a junior set shortly. The set will consist of 3 irons, 2 woods and a putter.

Sonartec will be releasing the Md hybrid transition club. This was the same club that Todd Hamilton used in his win at the Open Championship.

You have probably seen the Yonex Cyberstar VX iron in the golf magazines. I find the technology in this club very interesting. Yonex has made the face of this iron 1.2mm thick. There is a hollow carbon cavity behind it that allows the extremely thin face to compress on impact. Sounds like the C.O.R. thing could be coming to irons!

K.J. Choi will sign with Nike Golf soon. He is actually already playing their stuff.

Wilson Golf will debut their Hope line of ladies clubs and accessories in the new year. The whole focus on the Hope line is to raise awareness of breast cancer. All the stuff in the line sport the breast cancer ribbon (like the Lady Pinnacle ball) and a portion of sales will go to breast cancer research.

Ok I have reported that Wilson was going to can the whole Fatshaft thing and then I said they weren’t …. but now I know for sure. The Fatshaft will be in their line next year but in a much smaller role. The 11 piece Fatshaft set will be higher priced than the Killer Whale and Pro Staff but lower that the Wilson Staff line. You will also be able to buy the irons and woods separate. Most industry people I talk to wish the Fatshaft would just go away already!

The Xtreme Lite bag from Nike Golf will be a popular one next year. The bag weighs 4.2 pounds but still has all the pockets you need. It is a great looking bag and has many features designed to make it more comfortable for the person carrying it.

A few new balls to mention….. Slazenger will release the Conditions ball soon. This is the first ball I can think of that is designed for bad weather. U.S. Kids Golf will introduce the SS90 MPH ball designed for kids with swing speeds between 50-90MPH. I remember Pinnacle had a junior ball a few years ago that did not really do all that well….. mind you there are more junior players out there now!

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