Interesting Golf Clubs Winning On Tour

A few quick notes from the tour…. Nickent took the #1 hybrid club honors on the Nationwide Tour again last week. This club is the real deal and it is showing no signs of slowing down! Grace Park won last week’s LPGA event using the Nike Golf NDS irons. These were suppose to be Nike’s “value” priced club but it is gaining popularity with even the best players. Most industry people feel they will be one of the best selling irons next year.

I saw the full Footjoy line today and there are some very interesting designs (wait until you see the Europa with the “Graffiti” saddle!) . Footjoy will always make the very traditional shoes for the traditional players but this new line looks to have something for everyone.

Watch for the Great Club Comparison to be up by the end of the week. The first round of the Game Improvement Irons contest is just about done and I am hoping to post it on Friday. After that I will post a new round every week until the winner is crowned at the end of the month.

I am watching the U.S. election right now and it reminded me of a prediction I read somewhere a week or so ago. I read an article that said a John Kerry win would be the best thing for the golf business. It said that Kerry would turn around the U.S. economy thus giving people more spending money thus allowing them to spend more on things like golf. I don’t know… I am not much of a political guy but that sounds good to me!

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