Cobra Website Has More Products

So you have heard about them for a few months and now you can finally see them! Check out and click on the irons section to see the Big Bertha Fusion Irons. Watch for them to hit the store shelves soon.

Well I remembered my Cobra notes at work today and was all set to write about the new irons and fairway woods until I just saw it all on the Cobra website! If you go to you can now see the Inertia Irons and the COMP Fairway Woods. I have seen the irons in person and they look great. Cobra has always been a big seller anywhere I have been and these should be popular clubs next year. It is interesting that Cobra decided to go with 3 different irons…. my only fear is that the consumer might get a bit confused.

Mizuno has just released their Fli-Hi hybrid to complement their very popular Fli-Hi utility iron. The hybrid features a composite crown with a stainless steel body. From what I have seen the prices should be about the same as the TaylorMade Rescue.

That’s all for today folks. Expect the next few days to be busy because I should see a lot of reps tomorrow and Friday!

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