Kuehne Signs With Hogan Golf

Ok I don’t have too much today because someone forgot his notes at work….

I have heard from 2 different sources in 2 different parts of the country that Hogan has now signed Hank Kuehne. This rumor has been floating around for a while now and it looks like it has finally come true. Hank should be a good addition to the Hogan family but it should be noted that he does not have a PGA Tour victory.

I saw the new Cobra irons today but I forgot to bring my notes home with me. They look good and I will tell you about them tomorrow!

I know there are some other things in my notes so expect tomorrow to be a bit better!

I guess I can use this time to give everyone a quick update on what is going on here at SIRSHANKSALOT.COM. I am working on a few different things right now; more club reviews (TaylorMade CGB irons, R7 Quad and Rescue club) should be done soon and SIRSHANKSALOT’s Great Club Comparison – Game Improvement Irons Edition is almost done (we are taking 32 of the top game improvement irons and putting them into a winner take all challenge). If the Club Comparison is popular I will do more of them. They are kind of fun to do and I really hope it gives consumers some good information. I would also like to mention that SIRSHANKSALOT.COM has now been indexed by Yahoo. This should mean more traffic and I have seen a small increase in hits already. It looks like we will soon be indexed by Google as well. Thanks to those who are visiting for the first time and thanks to those who come back for more! Oh and before I forget… I will be moving soon (no not the site, me the person). It sounds like I will probably be without the internet for about a week so the updates may slow down for a few days. I am working to get a temporary internet connection for that time and I will let you know before it happens.

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