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Hey everyone! Hope you are having a great weekend. We're starting to get back to normal after the holidays so I thought I would throw together some odds and ends from the world of golf. You had a chance to read SirPuttsAlot's 2007 predictions last week and I'll have mine sometime this week! Let's get to it!New products are already beginning to roll into our shop. We recently got some of the new Wilson Di7 irons. These are the next generation in the company's "D" or Distance line. This is probably the best looking "D" iron of the bunch and it's decent looks and quality stock shafts give it some solid shelf appeal… appeal that previous Wilson irons lacked. The Di7 is all about stability… from the shape of the head to the tip size of the shaft. I've had a few people hit them and reviews have been fairly positive. We won't get a real good indication until our season gets going but we'll be sure to review them in the coming months!

We also got our first Sonartec t35 wedges. These things are very impressive! Titleist and Cleveland still have (and probably always will have) a fairly firm grasp on the wedge market at our shop but the Sonartec gives them both a run for the money. The t35 features a modified sole grind and YoYo Grooves. A very solid wedge from top to bottom… worth a look for sure!

Another wedge that is worth a look is the Solus. I'd heard a lot about them last year and finally picked one up last week. I'll try it out in Orlando and will let you know what I think! Speaking of Solus… check out the "Tour Reports" section on their website . The company names are blanked out but still some very interesting information for all of you that like following Tour equipment!

We've been hearing some rumors of a new Mizuno driver that could hit the market later in 2007. I'd first heard that the company probably wouldn't have anything until early 2008 but now it could come later this year. I have heard that the company really wants their PGA staffers playing their driver and that plans for a new club have been accelerated to get them a club to try. Take it for what it is… a rumor. But aren't rumors fun??

That's all for now… we'll be back again tomorrow. Enjoy your day, watch some football and golf… and we'll talk to you tomorrow!

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