Ping G10 Fairway Wood Spotted

Hi everyone. Hope you had a great weekend. We've had some good email over the past few days and we thought we'd take tonight to tidy it up!

I was at the Scottish Open this week. Westwood had a G10 Fairway wood in the bag, the paintwork on the sole is orange and its shape looked like a cross between the G2 and G5 fairway woods. He's tried the driver on the range also and it too has the same paint job but it did not make it into his bag.

First off.. thanks for the email. It was only a matter of time before we started getting info on the Ping G10 Fairway wood. We talked a bit about the G10 driver last week and now it looks like the rest of the line is getting out on Tour. We should see these in the fall! Again… thanks for the email!

I visit your website every day and have written you asking advice a number of times. My question is do you have/own a golf store? It appears you do, but you don't sell online and you let other shops advertise their clubs on your website? 

We get this question a lot. We both work in a golf store but don't own one. We'd love the chance to run our own store but have never really seriously explored the idea. We decided long ago that we wouldn't sell clubs on the site because we try to keep it as non-biased as possible. Let us know if you need help in your shop. I'll stand around and look good behind the counter and SirPutts can clean clubs and pick the range!

I'm looking for a new pair of golf shoes and prefer a more relaxed look instead of a traditional one. Any recommendations?

There are lots of good shoes out there right now. I currently have a pair of shoes from Alias that I wear all the time. They have a real skateboard/casual look to them and are very comfortable. The company came out with some new designs at the Orlando PGA Show and their customer service is great. Check out their website for more details.  

I think that's all for tonight. Keep the emails coming in! We'll be back tomorrow. Talk to you then!


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