NXT Tour And NXT Extreme Golf Balls

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. Titleist has officially announced the arrival of their new NXT Tour and NXT Extreme golf balls and someone isn't too happy!

You've probably seen Ian MacCallister (actor John Cleese) on TV ranting about Titleist golf balls and their "negative" impact on golf. Ian is taking his fight to the next level and has launched an internet campaign. His new NXTube website is pretty entertaining and is filled with videos and information. Who would start a golf blog? That's just a plain stupid idea! Oh… wait… nevermind. 

As for the actual golf balls…

They'll be available in the middle of July. The NXT Extreme is more of a distance ball… designed for someone looking for something that will go a long ways but will also have some feel around the green. The NXT Tour is more of an "all purpose" ball… a good combination of distance, feel and control. 

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