Reader Email – Wide Sole, X-20 And S9

Hi everyone. It's been a busy day and we're working on a few golf club reviews for later in the week. Let's dive back into the mailbag tonight!

This email came from one of our friends in Massachusetts (go Bruins… but quit firing your coaches). We get a lot of "club comparison" emails… people are trying to decide between clubs and want our input. The final choice obviously comes down to you but sometimes people want some extra advice or another opinion. This email features a few clubs that we get a lot of email about…

I was thinking about some new irons and I was wondering what you thought of the new Callaway x-20 irons, Cobra HS9 irons and the Callaway Fusion Wide Sole irons? Any feedback would be awesome.

Thats quite the mixture of clubs you have listed so I will just give you some quick thoughts on each. 

Callaway Fusion Wide Sole – One of the "premiere" clubs on the market. These are built with the recreational player with deep pockets in mind. Callaway uses the multi-material construction to their advantage to create one of the most forgiving irons ever. The Wide Sole is easy to hit, feels good, and will hit the ball sky high. This is a great golf club for someone seeking the maximum in forgiveness in a golf club. 

Cobra S9 – This is Cobra's version of the game improvement iron. Another club designed to maximize forgiveness. They aren't as forgiving as the Wide Sole but come in at a much nicer price tag. The black inserts help dampen vibration to give the club a nice solid feel, they also make it look weird. For a price conscious shopper this is my favorite of the three clubs you listed. 

Callaway X-20 – Probably my least favorite of the three options. Not because it is a bad club but just because it doesn't really have a place in Callaway's line up. The Big Bertha '06 and Fusion Wide Sole are both much easier clubs to hit while the better player will gravitate to the X-20 Tour or X-Forged offerings. This clubs offers some forgiveness with a little more control and workability than the S9 or Wide Sole. Its also a little overpriced, I would look at the Big Bertha over this one. Hope this helps.

That's all for now. Thanks for the continued support and emails. Feel free to drop us a line! Don't worry… more golf club reviews on the way! Keep an eye on our poll (on the right of your screen) and make sure you add your vote to help our reviews!

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