Let The Fun Begin – Countdown To Orlando

Hi everyone and welcome to the first post of 2007! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Let's face it… January sucks. The holidays are over, the weather is cold and people are grumpy. Don't worry… all is not lost. January also means new golf equipment and the always exciting PGA Show in Orlando! We'll slowly start our lead into the show this week with a look at what we can expect at the end of the month. We'll have full coverage of the show straight from Orlando… I'll be down there from Jan 21-29 taking lots of pictures and doing a lot of typing!Mitsubishi Rayon – The company will launch three new shafts in Orlando… the Diamana White Board, Bassara Ultra Lite and the Bassara Hybrid. These guys make some of the best shafts in the world and one can only assume that these new additions will live up to the hype!

Callaway Golf – We've talked all about the 2007 Callaway line and now it's also available on the Callaway Golf website . The big addition here is the FT-i driver. We had pictures of the new stuff a few months ago but I'll be sure to take more for you!

Callaway Golf Eyewear – The popular Callaway Eyewear line will get a new addition in Orlando with the introduction of the Hybrid Series. The Hybrid is actually available now but will be officially be launched at the end of the month.

A small taste of what's to come! We'll be back tomorrow with more news and lead up to the big show. Talk to you tomorrow!

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