What’s Wrong With Today’s Golf Carts?

Wow…. it is a slow news week. Vijay wins again… blah blah blah. I can assure you that this is the calm before the storm. October is the busy month for new products and it will start to get a bit crazy!

So everyone seems to be talking about Vijay while Craig Stadler is flying under the radar! Craig has won three consecutive Champions Tour starts and is playing really well. It should be noted that Craig started winning after switching to the Nike One Black ball. I have tried the ball and it rates very high in my books.

You have probably seen the Segway before. This is the people moving, 2-wheeled scooter-like thing that came out a few years ago. It was billed as the biggest invention since the automobile and was suppose to revolutionize transportation. Well I don’t think it has done that yet but it may soon take over your local golf course and do away with powercarts. Segway HT America debuted the Segway GT at the recent PGA show in Las Vegas. The company says that the new product will help speed up play because all four players in a group can go their separate ways off the tee. Makes sense to me! The price of the Segway GT will come in right around the same price as a standard powercart.

Watch for the Precept EC Fuel driver and matching fairway woods coming out soon. The 430CC titanium driver will use a tungsten plug (similar to the plug in the old Callaway Hawkeye) to create a lower center of gravity. The club will also feature a elastomer insert to dampen unwanted vibration. The midsized fairway woods will be made of 17-4 stainless steel and will also use a tungsten plug for extra weight.

And finally…. if you are waiting for some more club reviews don’t worry! I am hoping to catch up in the next few weeks. Watch for reviews of the Titleist 983K, Titleist 980F, TaylorMade R7 Quad, TaylorMade CGB irons, TaylorMade O/S irons, Callaway ERC Fusion, TaylorMade Rescue club and the Odyssey White Steel putter in upcoming weeks.

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