Nike BC OZ T-100 Putter On The Way

I saw the new Sun Mountain line today and was pretty impressed. They have always made a good golf bag and the 2005 products look nice. There are a lot of bags from the 2004 line (2.5, 3.5, Lightening, SCB, and C-130 to name a few). The two new ones that caught my attention were the MPB and the P-51.The MPB is a 14 hole, full length divider carry bag. The stand can retract into a zippered compartment for easy storage. The P-51 is their new entry level cart bag that looks like the SCB (Speed Cart Bag) but hits a great price point. The Speed Cart will not change from the current model but there are a few new colors to choose from.

I also saw the new Callaway shoes today. The line is basically the same as the 2004 one and there are some pretty cool looking shoes. Callaway footwear is very comfortable and people love the XWT insole that allows the shoe to become wider. Good shoes but they are not the cheapest ones around!

Nike is set to unveil the BC OZ T-100 putter on Oct. 1. This is the newest putter in the OZ line and features a Blue Chip face which is 73% softer than stainless steel. The putter also has a 100g weight plug that acts as an alignment aid and gives the putter a solid feel.

Callaway continues to sign new “big name” players with their addition of Jim Furyk today. By basically moving Furyk from their Hogan line to the Callaway one, it looks like they are planning on making a huge Callaway push on tour. My source has told me that Callaway will add “another top 10 player” in the next week. My guess (and it is only a guess) would be Stuart Appleby.

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