Maxfli Making A Comeback?

I have heard from a few different people that Maxfli is considering expanding into bags and clubs again. It would be nice to see the name around again after TaylorMade really shrunk the Maxfli line after they bought it. If you ever had a chance to play some of the Maxfli equipment from the late nineties you will know that they made some pretty good stuff. In my opinion the Maxfli Revolution irons and balls were some of the best around.

A side note to the Maxfli thing. Dunlop still makes all the Maxfli balls. TaylorMade is trying to get out of the current Dunlop contract because having someone else make your balls makes you NO money!

I saw the Callaway Fusion irons today and they are a lot different than what I expected. The shape, the top line and the sole look like any other Callaway but cavity (or lack there of) is really different. I don’t know how to explain it so I guess you will just have to wait and see for yourselves!

The TaylorMade 540XD and 580XD came down in price today. This was not a real surprise as TaylorMade will soon have the R5 Dual. At $350 Cdn the 540XD and 580XD are a steal!

Watch for Callaway to tweak their ball line next year. The HX Tour, and the Warbird will stay but the rest will be repackaged and probably reduced in price too. There should be another 3 piece ball below the HX Tour.

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