Orlimar Golf Is Back

You may have seen in some trade magazines lately. No it’s not some porn website… it’s actually a website for the new Mizuno MP-32 iron. It looks really nice and I’ll be sure to review it when it is available.

Watch for a Titleist hybrid club to hit the market very shortly (some of the reps already have their demos)

From the “you probably will never see these clubs in North America” file: TaylorMade Japan offers the 360XD iron, XR-05 ball (TaylorMade does not make any balls for North America) and the Burner 860. Titleist Japan offers the 983K HCR driver. As mentioned before there is a Callaway Great Big Bertha titanium faced iron in Japan but we over here will probably never see it.

Early reports say the new Adidas shoe line should be the best one in many years. The line will probably include more runner and casual style shoes.

Orlimar is back! Well it will be soon. Sounds like they will drop the Trimetal name though.

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