New Titleist Pro V1’s To Come

We got word of some of the new Callaway products to come for next year. Watch for a hybrid club (Heavenwood), a bigger ERC Fusion, a new Big Bertha Titanium (they are keeping the current fairway woods), a Fusion iron (replacing the Hawkeye… it’s about time). I’m sure there was more but I can’t remember right now… sorry!

Cleveland is tour testing a composite driver like Callaway’s ERC Fusion but rumor has it that they will soon drop the whole project.

There will be a bigger TaylorMade R7 next year designed for the higher handicap.

Hogan was in the process of testing a club very similar to the TaylorMade R7 Quad prior to being bought by Callaway. Rumor has it TaylorMade rushed the R7 to beat the Hogan one to the market. Callaway did not continue on with the project.

Watch for two new Titleist Pro V1’s next year.

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