Titleist Vokey Spin Milled Wedge Review

For years the Bob Vokey line of Titleist wedges has been a top choice among both professional and amateur players. The classically styled wedges have provided both the look and feel that many serious players prefer. The Spin Milled is the newest series of wedges in the Vokey line.

What The Company Says…

For the Spin Milled wedges Titleist and Bob Vokey have developed a new style of groove designed to increase spin rates. The grooves are machined cut and are both deeper and wider to increase groove volume by 30%. The result is more friction and more spin. The face of the wedge is also CNC machined cut designed to increase friction and spin on shorter shots.

For the head itself Titleist has stuck with 8620 carbon steel construction and the classic teardrop shape that Titleist players have become accustomed to.

The Spin Milled wedges are available in both a satin (Tour Chrome) and Oil Can finish and are available with the True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 and S300 shafts. They are offered in 54, 56, 58, and 60 degrees as well as different bounce options.

What Our Readers And Customers Say…

For years the Titleist Vokey wedges have been one of the top selling wedges on the market. Most players really like the look and feel of the Vokey wedges and they offer a number of different loft and bounce options to fit nearly any set.

The Spin Milled series of wedges might be the most popular Titleist wedge yet. Customers love the extra spin they can get with these wedges, even on partial shots and pitch shots around the green.

Both finishes are popular but the majority of our customers prefer the Oil Can style.

What We Say…

Titleist has always made a great wedge but this is their best one yet. The Spin Milled wedges increase spin rates on all kinds of shots and from all kinds of lies. Even out of the rough players will notice an increase in spin.

Like most Titleist clubs the Vokey wedges are designed with the serious player in mind. However these wedges are offered in enough loft and bounce configurations to fit into most sets.

The biggest drawback with the Spin Milled series is a lack of 50 or 52 degree wedges. With many players looking to carry three or four wedges we get asked about gap wedges a lot and unfortunately the Spin Milled is not offered in a gap wedge right now but with the popularity of these wedges I have to think they will be on the way soon.

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