Grafalloy Blue Shaft Profile

Profile – The Grafalloy Blue shaft has quickly become one of the most popular graphite shafts on the market. Sure some of it probably has to do with the shaft’s cool color… but it’s performance has made it one of the most asked about shafts in my shop. I like to sum up the Blue this way… it’s long, it feels good, it’s reasonably priced and it provides many better golfers with exactly what they’re looking for.

What Makes It Work – The Grafalloy Blue is designed for today’s big headed drivers. The Blue features a Micro-Mesh tip section which reinforces the end of the shaft to help keep it stable. Grafalloy found that many big heads lag behind during the swing. The company’s Micro-Mesh technology ensures that the head comes through properly and makes good contact with the ball.


Who’s It For – The Blue is designed for the slightly more advanced player looking for a mid ball flight and great feel. Players looking for a slightly higher ball flight may want to look at the Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue instead. The Blue is a popular shaft among the major club manufacturers and it’s available in almost any driver.


What People Say – People love this shaft. I am having a hard time even thinking of any negative comments that I’ve heard in regards to the Blue. Make sure that you get the right one… this shaft produces a mid ball flight. If you want something higher… look at the ProLaunch Blue. Many of my customers have mentioned that they feel this shaft plays a bit stiffer than advertised so make sure you get someone to have a look at your swing prior to reshafting your driver. People love the Blue’s smooth feel despite it’s low torque… something that you don’t hear everyday! The Blue is worth a look!


More Information –


Weight – 63 g
Torque – 2.8
Bend Point – Mid – Low


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  1. Can you supply me with full specs and details of a Grafalloy blue LD 3X long drive optimised shaft ( fitted to a 5* 450cc. Encore SMT driver head ) This thing is awesome. Regards – John Ferguson . Toowoomba,Queensland, Australia.

  2. Hi John, from what I could dig up, this shaft is 50″ long, weighs in at 75 g, torque at 3.1, flex point mid (trajectory also mid), tip diameter 0.335″ and butt diameter 0.610″.

    I hope that helps.

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