UST iRod Shaft Profile

Profile – The UST iROD shafts were one of the first on the market designed specifically for new hybrid golf clubs. Because of the enormous popularity of the iROD shafts, UST has now expanded the line to include shafts for drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and long irons.

What Makes It Work – UST iRod is a low-torque shaft designed to produce optimal ball flight conditions for all longer clubs in the bag. The low torque tip section combines with a high launch angle and low spin for great control. UST uses “Interlinked Carbon” in the butt section of these shafts. Interlinked Carbon reduces deformation in the butt section of the shaft increasing control and stability.

Who’s It For – The iROD shaft is best suited for the average to stronger player seeking more control in their fairway woods, hybrids, or long irons. The UST iROD is one of the top hybrid shafts on the PGA Tour because of the control it provides.

What People Say – The iROD has been the number one hybrid shaft on the PGA Tour since 2004. Stronger players love the control and high trajectory this shaft gives them. Low spin rates will keep shots from ballooning. Many golfers say this is one of the best feeling low torque shafts on the market. Many of my customers that enjoy steel shafts lean towards the iRod because of it’s “steel-like” control. The iROD Hybrid Utility is the most popular of the family. Look for the iRod as a popular upgrade available from most major club manufacturers.

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IROD Driver
A, R, S, X
Weight – 65 g
Torque – 2.6
Bend Point – Low

IROD Hybrid Fairway
A, R, S, X
Weight – 73 g
Torque – 3.4
Bend Point – Low-Mid

IROD Hybrid Utility
A, R, S, X
Weight – 81 g
Torque – 2.4
Bend Point – Low-Mid

IROD Hybrid Long Iron
A, R, S, X
Weight – 78 g
Torque – 2.3
Bend Point – Low

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