Mitsubishi Bassara Shaft Profile

Profile – The Mitsubishi Bassara shaft was launched in March 2006 as a complement to the very successful Diamana lines. The Bassara shaft is a more versatile shaft with a softer tip section than the Diamana series, making it more playable to a wider variety of players.

What Makes It Work – MRC is the only company who not only manufactures the golf shaft but also all of the materials that go into it. This gives them tighter control over every phase of the manufacturing cycle and also gives the company access to more combinations of materials to optimize performance and design. Low resin content also adds to the performance of the shaft by creating a denser, more consistent construction. This process ensures the utmost in quality and consistency in every shaft they make.

Who’s It For – According to MRC the Bassara provides the perfect balance between playability and high performance and is a shaft that works for both TOUR players and aspiring amateurs alike. Although the Bassara has been played on Tour this shaft is also a great option for the average player who is seeking a high performance shaft. The Bassara has an active tip section to promote a higher ball flight and help square the club face at impact.

What People Say – Consider this the Mitsubishi shaft for the rest of us. The Bassara features many of the high performance benefits of the Diamana but in a more playable configuration for the amateur player. The Bassara hits the ball much higher than the Diamana series and is a smooth feeling shaft. The 63 gram shaft is the most popular option for a driver but some players prefer the heavier shafts in a fairway wood. The price tag on this shaft makes it a much more popular option than the Diamana as well.

More Information


Bassara 63
Flexes Available – Lite, R, S, X
Weight – 63 g
Torque – 3.9
Bend Point – Mid/Low

Bassara 73
Flexes Available – R, S, X
Weight – 73 g
Torque – 3.8
Bend Point – Mid

Bassara 83
Flexes Available – S, X
Weight – 81 g
Torque – 3.6
Bend Point – Mid

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