Rifle Project X Shaft Profile

Profile – Royal Precision Rifle shafts have been embraced by professional and amateur golfers for their smooth feel and vibration dampening. All Rifle shaft sets are Frequency Matched to ensure identical shaft stiffness from club to club. The Rifle Project X is the most advanced and most talked about Rifle shaft to date.

What Makes It Work – The Project X shafts feature a constant taper throughout the entire length of the shaft. This constant taper increases the energy transfer to the ball and produces higher, flatter shots. The taper is different in each shaft of the set to produce optimal performance with each club.

Who’s It For – The Project X shaft is definitely geared for the stronger player. This is a tour weight shaft that produces a low spinning, penetrating trajectory. This shaft is used by many professional and top amateur players who really attack the ball. These players will benefit from the flatter trajectory and overall stiffness of the Project X shaft.

Royal Precision has also introduced a Rifle Project X High Launch version for the mid to high handicap players.

What People Say – Most players have commented that the Project X gives them more control and a more stable feel compared with Flighted Rifle shafts from Royal Precision. Project X will also feel stiffer than other Rifle shafts. The most common complaint we hear regarding the Project X is that the high balance point puts too much weight in the players hands and not enough in the head.

A lot of golfers really like the look of this shaft, stepless with a brushed satin finish.

More Information


5.0, 5.5
Regular Flex
Weight – 115 g
Torque – Low
Bend Point – Mid/High

6.0, 6.5
Stiff Flex
Weight – 125 g
Torque – Low
Bend Point – Mid/High

X Flex
Weight – 130.5 g
Torque – Low
Bend Point – High

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