Grafalloy ProLaunch Red Shaft Profile

Profile – The brand new Grafalloy ProLaunch Red shaft combines the technology of the popular ProLaunch Blue line of shafts with the properties of the ProLite 35. ProLaunch Red is a low-launch, low spin shaft for stronger players looking for a lower ball-flight.

What Makes It Work – The Red is built using many of the same technologies as the ProLaunch Blue shaft and uses what Grafalloy calls Micro-Mesh tip technology. This technology allows Grafalloy to build a shaft that is very stable in the tip section but provides more feel than most low torque shafts on the market. The ProLaunch Red will produce a penetrating ball-flight similar to what many players have become accustomed to with the old ProLite 35.

Who’s It For – Like the ProLite 35, the ProLaunch Red shaft is suited for better players. It is ideal for a player with a smooth tempo who is looking for more control over ball-flight. The shaft in only a few weeks has started to get a lot of usage among touring and club professionals and is also well-suited to better amateur players.

What People Say – It has been a long time since any Grafalloy shaft has gathered as much hype as the ProLaunch Red and it is well-earned. This shaft has a very solid, stable feel right through impact. Ball flight is very low with this shaft so players should be cautious when matching the loft of their club with this shaft. A lot of average swingspeed players find this shaft too stiff, and ball flight too low for their game but it is a good option for players who have trouble with shots ballooning.

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ProLaunch Red
Flex- R, S, X
Weight – 65 grams
Torque – 3.0
Bend Point – high

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