Cleveland TA3 Iron Review

There are actually two versions of this club available. The TA3 was originally a cast club before Cleveland decided to use their Form Forged process to create the TA3 Form Forged. The overall design of the club didn't change and to be honest with you neither did the feel or playability.


I've always liked Cleveland's casting and I find it is much better than most. It is a very clean looking, reduced offset club designed with the better player in mind. The TA3 sports a small cavity throughout that allows some forgiveness without sacrificing too much performance. Off center hits still perform well although some the vibration from miss hits is still felt.


Most of the people I talk to that play these clubs really like them. The majority are single digit handicaps that want to work the ball but don't want the negative feedback blades give on miss hits. Most of the TA3's I've sold over the years are sold with the stock Dynamic Gold shaft in them. It's a good shaft that provides a lower trajectory. I see the odd set of TA3's with rifle shafts and it is actually a pretty good combination. A better player that really wants rifle shafts in TA3's might be wise to look at the tour flighted version of these popular shafts. A higher handicap should probably look to another one of the many clubs in the Cleveland line.


If you can still find a set of these they are worth looking at. Cleveland was clearing these out in the spring of 2004 and you could pick a set up for a pretty decent price. They are a good club to buy used but remember that these clubs dent and chip easily so take a good look.


Overall Rating – 70%


Target Handicap – 10 and below


Ball Flight – Mid to High


Offset – Minimal


Finish – Chrome or Gun Metal


Construction – Originals were cast, later versions Form Forged


Stock Shafts – Dynamic Gold, all graphite is custom

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