Callaway Big Bertha ‘04 Review

This club is designed for the higher handicapper that wants to improve his/her game and have fun at the same time. These irons have many of the "standard" Callaway traits; thick sole and top line, undercut cavity, bore through hosel.


Put all these together and you get one very easy to hit club. The large sole puts a lot of weight towards the bottom of the club and makes it easy to get the ball air born. A wider sole also prevents the club from digging into the ground. The large cavity makes this one of the most forgiving clubs I've ever sold. Callaway also uses the same notch weighting from their X-16's in the '04 version of the Big Bertha Iron. This club also has a lot of offset to help keep the ball straight. One thing to keep in mind with this set is that it goes from 4 iron to a 50 degree gap wedge. The odd person that buys these elects to buy the 3 iron separate but remember Callaway makes their clubs strongly lofted and the 4 iron could very well be the same loft as your existing 3 iron.


This club is a very good seller mainly because it allows almost anyone to have fun and play better. I sell this mainly to players in the 15+ handicap range that have trouble getting the ball up and keeping it straight. A better player should steer away from this club and would be better off with something from Callaway's Pro Series line. The two stock shafts available are the RCH 75i Graphite and the Constant Weight Uniflex Steel. Both of these shafts are Callaway staples and provide the mid to high handicapper solid performance. Callaway is great with custom options and any dealer should be able to provide you with more details. I've sold a few of these sets with Dynamic Gold shafts and this combination works well for people with faster swing speeds.


Callaway hit a good price point with these irons and that could be a reason why they sell so well. A mid to high handicapper would be stupid not to at least hit these irons before making a decision. I talk to a lot of people that don't want to hit Callaway irons because of their thick top line and large sole. A few swings with this iron and they are quick to change their minds.


Overall Rating – 99%


Target Handicap – 15+


Ball Flight – High


Offset – Maximum


Finish – Chrome


Construction – Cast


Stock Shafts – RCH 75i Graphite and the Constant Weight Uniflex Steel

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