Cobra SS-i Iron Review

Cobra Golf has always geared their equipment towards the mid to high handicaps and given them clubs designed for game improvement. The SS-i iron is Cobra's newest addition and it fits the game improvement mould perfectly. The SS-i combines older, proven technology with new ideas and the result is a very nice iron.


The design of the SS-i focuses on getting as much weight as possible towards the bottom and the perimeter of the head. By moving this weight they are able to create a very forgiving club that hits the ball really high. The large Cobra medallion serves a dual purpose; it adds weight to the bottom and it houses a urethane insert that dampens vibration. This urethane insert also gives the club an extremely solid feel even on miss hits. The sole features a unique design that Cobra has used in the past on both irons and wedges. This "skid sole" design enables the club to guide through the turf easily without digging in. The iron also features a progressive offset that really helps keep the longer irons straight. The sole and top line of the SS-i are not nearly as bulky and thick as some other game improvement irons. People really like this club because it is easy to hit but still has some resemblance of a "traditional" iron. The SS-i is available in both graphite and steel and both shafts are more than adequate for the types of players that would consider the club.


Cobra Golf continues to impress consumers with their game improvement technology and their reasonable pricing. The majority of SS-i buyers I see are buying based on reputation and previous experience with the brand. Continued brand loyalty is one of the best ways to judge the quality of a company and their products. Cobra delivers another solid club with the SS-i.


Overall Rating – 80%


Target Handicap – 10 and above


Ball Flight – Mid to High


Offset – Maximum


Finish – Chrome


Construction – Cast


Stock Shafts – Precision Microtaper steel, Cobra/Aldila HM Tour graphite


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  1. Have played these irons for 13 years with the Precision Flighted Microtaper shafts….Have never found a better iron while comparing every year to the newer technologies. Cobra was way ahead of their time with this design, and I especially like the “skid sole” design. Precision were the best steel shafts ever made before they sold the company, and if I ever got new irons, I will take out the Precision shafts and put thenm in the new heads…..but I don’t see that happening….Trust me, I have for years tested every new irons
    released…none of which are more accurate, which is what your irons should be.

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