Sonartec SS Fairway Review

Carlsbad, California based Sonartec has seen a steady increase in popularity over the last several years. Some big tour wins including the 2004 British Open and the design input of Nick Price has made Sonartec a household name amongst golfers. Sonartec has primarily made a name for itelf with its Md Hybrid Transition club but they have also done very well with the SS line of fairway woods.


What The Company Says…


The SS Fairway woods feature several technologies that are unique to Sonartec and really make this club stand out.


The first is an alloy face that is hotter than steel. The face is designed to increase ball speed thereby increasing distance off the club face.


The second is the patented Driving Cavity that you will see in all Sonartec hybrids and fairway woods. The Driving Cavity provides a number of benefits in the SS woods. Most notable is the center of gravity. The Driving Cavity raises the center of gravity in the clubhead to promote a more penetrating ball flight and to prevent ballooning that is common with a number of fairway woods. This cavity in the bottom of the clubhead also helps Sonartec properly align the center of gravity with the center of the clubface creating a better energy transfer at impact and more distance.


The Driving Cavity also increases heel/toe weighting for more forgiveness on off-center hits.


The SS wood comes in a 2.5 Mid-Face design and a 3.5 Deep-Faced design. Both models come stock with a Fujikura SS series shaft.


What Our Readers And Customers Say…


We regularly get the same two comments regarding the SS woods. The first is that they are long. Most of our testers noticed notable gains in distance with this club both off the fairway and off the tee. The second comment is the look of the club. The SS has a very clean look to it and a very traditional shape preferred by most better players.


The SS 2.5 is definitely the more popular of the two models and is much easier to play for the average player. However both models are more suitable for the better player. The traditional look, small head-size, and penetrating ball flight make this a club that stronger players really enjoy. The club also has a very solid feel and some great shaft options for the better players. The Speeder line of shafts and the Aldila NV all seem to work very well in this club.


Some of the comments from our higher handicappers were that this club didn’t hit the ball high enough and wasn’t forgiving enough for their games in either model.


What We Say…


The Sonartec SS is a great fairway wood for the better player. It looks and feels great, produces a penetrating ball flight and is long. The SS also provides the consistency and control that the serious player demands.


This club is a little pricey and should probably be avoided by most high-handicap players but it is a must try for any serious player.


The 2.5 Mid-Face is a little easier to get airborne and slightly more forgiving and is the best choice for most players. The 3.5 Deep-Face is best suited for players who really have trouble ballooning the ball or who will be using the club exclusively off the tee. Both models are available in a number of lofts and a wide variety of shaft options and are definitely worth a look.


As long as Sonartec continues to produce quality clubs like the SS they will continue to grow in popularity on tour and in retail shops.


Overall Rating – 87% 

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