Cleveland TA6 Iron Review

There has been a real trend towards wider soled, low center of gravity irons lately and the TA6 is Cleveland's version. The first thing you notice when looking at the TA6 is how long and skinny the club head is. This design allows the majority of the weight to be positioned below the equator of the golf ball.


The low center of gravity allows for a very high ball flight. The sole on the TA6 is wide enough to prevent the club from digging in but still thin enough to not look bulky and cumbersome. As you get into the 7 and 8 irons you will notice that the club head becomes deeper and a bit more traditional looking. The average player does not have problems getting these clubs up in the air so Cleveland looks to add some forgiveness instead. The TA6 is also equipped with Cleveland's patented VAS (Vibration Absorption System) to damped vibration caused by miss hits. This is done by adding a viscoelastic layer behind the medallion. This may sound confusing but it works.


Some "traditionalists" view this club as a bit of an eyesore because of its long, slender shape. Other consumers get over the way it looks and praise it for its high ball flight and ease of use. The clubs have a fairly large offset to help keep the ball straight. The competition for this target market is fierce and I think Cleveland has come out with a decent entry. One huge advantage the TA6 has over other competitors (Callaway Big Bertha, Ping G2, TaylorMade OS) is price. The price of the TA6 is lower than all of the aforementioned irons and it hits a nice price point that Cobra continues to dominate. The stock shafts in the TA6 are adequate for the type of player that would be attracted to these irons and custom options are available for better players. Speaking of the better player, I have sold some TA6 3 irons and 4 irons to lower handicaps because they are so easy to hit and get airborne.


The TA6 combines solid game improvement with a great price. If you suffer from a low ball flight and inconsistent ball striking, I would consider the Cleveland TA6.


Overall Rating – 60%


Target Handicap – 15 and above


Ball Flight – High


Offset – Maximum


Finish – Chrome


Construction – Cast


Stock Shafts – True Temper Action Light steel, Proprietary graphite

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