Cleveland TA7 And TA7 Tour Iron Review

While the trend in game improvement irons continues to be wide soles and thick top lines, there is a small group of clubs that are easy to hit and still are traditional looking. The Cleveland TA7 is the leader of this group. I have sold Cleveland for over 10 years and I have never had this many people ask for a certain Cleveland product.


Well what is so great about the TA7? Cleveland was able to create a very forgiving club and still make it look clean and traditional. One of the first things that you will notice when you look at the TA7 are the little holes above the cavity. These little holes are Cleveland's Micro-Cavities. These cavities remove some of the weight from the top of the club thus making it lighter. By making the top of the club lighter, there is more weight towards the bottom. This Micro-Cavity technology is a great way to lower the center of gravity without bulking up the sole. The TA7 also features Cleveland's patented VAS (Vibration Absorption System) which dampens unwanted vibration on miss hits.


There are actually two versions of this club designed for different handicaps. The standard TA7 has a progressive offset for the mid to high handicap that has problems with slicing. The TA7 Tour incorporates all of the above technology but has a minimal offset designed for the lower handicap who wants to work the ball. The stock shafts also vary depending on which club you decide on. The price on the TA7 is right about par with its competitors and Cleveland's custom department is really good.


My biggest problem with the Cleveland TA7 is keeping it in stock. The standard TA7 sells far better than the TA7 Tour but that's a given considering the larger mid to high handicap market. Talk to most people in the industry and they will probably agree that the TA7 is Cleveland's best club ever.


Overall Rating – 97%


Target Handicap – 15 and above


Ball Flight – Mid to High


Offset – Maximum


Finish – Chrome


Construction – Cast

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