TaylorMade RAC CGB Iron Review

This summer TaylorMade decided to add one more iron to their already convoluted, overpopulated iron family and the RAC CGB (Centre of Gravity Back) was born. The CGB is TaylorMade's most forgiving, most technologically advanced iron ever.


The CGB iron is designed with one type of golfer in mind, the rich type. The CGB is a premium priced iron designed to be the ultimate in game improvement. The CGB iron is the first iron to utilize "pull face" technology. This is a technique TaylorMade has used for a couple of years in their drivers and it helps them increase the Coefficient of Restitution, or in simple terms it increases distance. The head itself is constructed of a 17-4 stainless steel body and features a custom 455 stainless steel face. This is the same type of steel used by Nike in its Slingshot iron to promote more distance. Similar to the rest of the RAC family, the CGB displays a tuned weight cartridge in the back of the head to enhance its low, deep centre of gravity. The set also features the TaylorMade Ascending Mass shaft in steel or graphite. These are both lightweight shafts designed to give a higher launch angle and both are fine for the golfer that this club targets.


All reports that have come in say that this iron does what is supposed to. It provides exceptional forgiveness with an ultra-high ball flight. Because of the low and deep weight placement, this iron is very stable especially on miss hits. The hot face on this club and the high launch angle also provide the average golfer with exceptional distance from anywhere on the face.


Unfortunately for TaylorMade and the CGB, its benefits are outweighed by its detractors. Not the least of which is the outrageous price tag. The CGB sells for almost double what the RAC OS sells for and is in the same price category as the Callaway Fusion which far surpasses the CGB in looks, feel, control, and forgiveness. Another downside is that distance control becomes more difficult with the CGB. Because of the hot face and the high launch angle, figuring out your yardages with this club can be a problem. The looks and feel of this club rate somewhere between really bad and awful. The head is ginormous, bulky, and ugly and because the face is so thin it really does feel like a tin can on impact. Finally, as forgiving as the CGB iron is, you would have a really tough time convincing me that this iron provides any benefits not already found in the RAC OS or HT models.


Overall Rating – 50%


Target Handicap – 20+


Ball Flight – Ultra-High


Offset – Maximum


Finish – Chrome


Construction – 17-4 Stainless Steel body, Custom 455 Stainless Steel face


Stock Shafts – TaylorMade Ascending Mass steel and graphite

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